What to Look for a next generation field service solution?

Field service management is all about the 4 “R’s” — delivering to the right person, at the right place, at the right time, with the right tools.” Thus, equipping your field service technicians with everything they need on field is becoming a key differentiator to enhance Customer satisfaction.

  • Organizations are unable to identify the right skill of Field Service required for performing the Repair/Service
  • Incentive and compensation to differentiate high performing service personnel according to the customer feedback, quality of work performed, etc is difficult due to the complexity of the process
  • Field service applications are not tightly integrated with the system of records, which hampers the unified service experience to the Customers
  • Even if, knowledge is available within the enterprise, the consumption of the knowledge at right level during performing the service remains a challenge

Here are some drivers for the future FSM requirements

#Evolving Business Model

With evaluation of uberisation (aggregation model), Pay-per-use model will be popular for equipment which are capital intensive. This will result in complete new set of service requirements to manage the Field service. 

#Know Me Better

 Predictive maintenance will be key focus areas, with Customer expecting services based on the actual pattern and usages of customers rather than on the schedule-based based AMC. This will result in fast tracking the digital adoption in Field Service. The Service will move from the current AMC based pricing model to outcome based pricing based model ( e.g.Zero down time)

#Field service as a critical customer touchpoint

 With Ecommerce evolving as a distribution channel, Field Service will become a critical touch points for Customer interactions, up/cross skilling. This will trigger a new set of skill sets for the Field Service personnel.

#Knowledge Commoditization

 Ability to provide the collective knowledge and experience of the organization to every Field Service personnel while performing the Service to ensure the quality of the solution, despite the technical complexity and heterogeneity that will emerge into product life cycle, due to the various technology advancements.

What is SAP Field Service Management (SAP FSM)?

In this journey of adoption of the field service to the future requirement, SAP Field service solution is a good choice to consider!

SAP FSM is a cloud-based solution designed for industries involving field services and Technicians. The product provides next generation field service capabilities to provide seamless customer experience

The following are the highlights of SAP FSM solution

  • Understand Voice of Customer and resolve the root cause of the dissatisfaction with the integrated data with the back-end systems
  • Enable Service Technicians to solve the Customer issue with Contextual AI powered recommendation
  • Leverage Crowd sourcing model to connect all the people in your eco system: partners, customersand freelancers
  • Enable end to end integration connecting front and back office for seamless customer experience involving IOT integration, Remote assistance ( AR), Chat bot,etc.
  • Workforce Scheduling and Field Service Dispatch offers real-time, automated workforce scheduling, planning and dispatch
  • Self Service mobile app for trouble sheeting, remote service, Scheduling and tracking

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