Success Story
Simplifying and Automating
Invoice Processing with
SAP Concur
About the Customer

Crescent Petroleum is the first and largest private upstream oil and gas company in the Middle East. Since their inception in 1971, they have leveraged understanding of the region to promote cleaner energy and sustainability. The company has thrived through its people, who have always gone above and beyond the call of duty.

Quick Facts

Oil & Gas Sharjah, U.A.E 900 Concur- Invoice 6 Months

Solution Overview

SAP Concur Invoice automates your invoices and integrates invoices with Travel & Expense payments into a single system for managing all your business spending. Concur captures paper and electronic invoices, so you can capture all your AP spending and simplify the entire process from purchase requests to processing and payment. SAP Concur's automated invoice management tool also allows you to reduce risks of manual processes and improve your view of cash flow.


  • Invoices received at dedicated mail inboxes were manually updated to SAP system. This was time consuming and prone to errors
  • Matching invoices with Purchase orders and Receipts were lengthy manual processes
  • 400-500 invoices on a monthly basis
  • Invoices were to be allocated or charged across business (cost center, projects, WBS, divisions, etc.)
  • Duplication and redundancy of the processes and invoices which increased manual efforts of the team
  • Involvement of many stakeholders and working in silos made the process lengthy and time-taking

Solution Proposed

  • OCR technology embedded within “Concur Invoice Capture” read raw data from soft copies of invoices, validates them with Receipts & Purchase orders and routes them for approvals thus automating a significant portion of the 3-way matching process.
  • With Concur Invoice, it helps improve visibility by automating manual tasks
  • Predefined reports, dashboards, and metrics give you a full view into spending and help you better manage cash flow
  • Integrate Concur Invoice with payment providers to create a simple, secure, and streamline vendor payments

Business Outcomes

  • The solution has taken away the need for manual upload and displays all invoices in the system, giving the finance team visibility of upcoming cash flow
  • The data has become increasingly reliable as it gets information imported directly from all kinds of invoices, mitigating risk.
  • It is helping prevention of duplicate or incorrect payments and is now better prepared for external audits
  • Due to automation in invoice processing, time is now spent on more valuable activities than managing invoices

Partner Excellence Award- 2022

Reduced staff time processing

Partner Excellence Award- 2022

Reduction in late payment to vendors

Partner Excellence Award- 2022

Improved Complaince