A Primer on the Kronos Time and Attendance Management System

A Primer on the Kronos Time and Attendance Management System

A Solution for improved Time and Attendance Management

Workforce management goes over and above accounting for the costs of doing business and entails managing the largest controllable expense and the greatest competitive advantage — the workforce.

Even with the advent of cloud-based payroll software, many firms still rely on manual tasks to track and record payroll and work with disparate systems and inefficient attendance and data collection processes that can slow down growth. This inefficient practice increases the likelihood of costly errors ranging from overpayment to inaccurate tax payments and penalties.

With Kronos, enterprises can optimize monitoring employee time and attendance, labor tracking, and data collection. Kronos’ automated time-tracking software works in tandem with data collection devices to control labor costs, minimize compliance risk, and improve workforce productivity.

Integrating and automating time and attendance processes can boost employee productivity and engagement as well as gain real-time insight into labor data that improves compliances. Let’s delve deeper to throw more light on Kronos' time and attendance management system.

Features of the Kronos Time and Attendance Management System

Kronos offers several features that take time and attendance management up a notch. Some of these include:

  • • Robust workflows and email alerts that help to proactively identify and flag issues to counter payroll problems and compliance issues.
  • • Facility to efficiently review and approve employee time daily to ensure accurate payment for hours worked.
  • • Efficient and automated time-tracking systems that automatically calculate and deliver data to the payroll systems to ensure accurate check payments.
  • • Ease to run reports, view data in real-time, and access all data for audits.

The following sections expound on the key features of Kronos' time and attendance management system.

    • 1. Accuracy and Visibility of Employee Time and Attendance
      • Kronos houses automated solutions to identify and manage irregularities.

        With access to a lot of employee data, Kronos can uncover fraudulent practices and provide managers with actionable insights that inform them of issues and enable them to identify root causes.

        With access to real-time visibility into employee hours, Kronos allows to better spot and manage exceptions, such as early or late arrivals, absences, long or missed breaks, overtime, and missed punch-ins.

        Kronos attendance management systems are coupled with biometrics and proprietary clocks and geofencing punches that help to counter buddy punching and early punch-ins.
    • 2. Tracking Absences and Leaves
      • Employee absences and leave can increase costs and decrease productivity thus demanding organizations to manage them closely.

      • Leaves management facility in Kronos provides managers with a complete picture of employee absences and resulting staffing needs that help to avoid overstaffing, overpayment, and increased effort in workforce planning.

      • Kronos offers superior leave management with several self-service options with which employees have more control over how they handle absences. It also allows for an efficient leave management process that not only keeps a record but automatically deducts from accruals and adjusts the schedule accordingly.

    • 3. Scheduling
      • Kronos offers better control over scheduling and counters gaps in absences by providing managers with recommendations for filling the shift based on employee availability, seniority, skill set, and other attributes.


Benefits of the Kronos Time and Attendance Management System

1. Kronos offers a distinguishing self-service facility where employees can check their earnings and accrual balances, request time off, view their timecards, and schedule changes from their mobile devices, web application, and Kronos terminals.
2. The Kronos attendance management system provides functionality to notify and manage exceptions, time-off requests, overtime, and monitor compliance issues. This eliminates the redundancy to review every employee’s timecard and efficiently manage attendance exceptions. In addition, the changes are instantly reflected, eliminating long wait times for batch updates. 3. With Kronos, enterprises will be enabled with insight-driven decision making by having access to real-time information on employee overtime, on who arrived early or punched out late, and identifying whether all breaks have been taken.
4. Organizations can instate fair systems with Kronos automated time and attendance solution that takes work rule interpretation out of the hands of local managers giving workforce credit for actual time worked.
5. Kronos' time and attendance solution offers fidelity in the time and attendance process by storing all data centrally and facilitating complete audit trails at ease.

Case Study

Here is how Blueprint optimized the Attendance Management of our client - one of the largest healthcare companies in India with 28,000+ employees and ₹3,000+cr in revenues, using Kronos.

Our client had been using manual, disparate systems, that included excel, attendance register books, and mere phone calls, to manage their employee attendance. This led to breaches in HR policies and errors in payroll, leave schedules, and overtime processing - not only affecting operations but also adding to the expenses.

We instated a central, mobile-friendly Kronos time and attendance management system coupled with integrations to Oracle Fusion (HCM) and Excelity System (Payroll). This resulted in:
• Uniform application of HR policies
• Automated punch to pay process that reduced payroll leakages
• Reduced Overtime and Compensatory Off costs
• Real-time visibility to Top Management


In a competitive and highly dynamic environment, organizations are challenged to ensure consistency and reliability with data. With Kronos, companies can optimize and automate time and attendance data collection, consequently eliminating repetitive manual and administrative tasks that strain resources and slow day-to-day operations. Managers will be relieved of the administrative burden placed on them and have more time to focus on employees and the organization. Kronos' time and attendance solutions help employees be empowered to deliver a better bottom line.


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