SAP Data Intelligence:
… An Intuitive Approach for Information Management

Extracting useful insights and value from data is imperative for your business growth.

AI has greatly helped businesses in this endeavour, but the sheer volume, and the complex and hybrid nature of data presents its own set of challenges. More than ever, businesses need a truly effective information management strategy to leverage the power of data. 

SAP Data Intelligence, a fully cloud managed service, helps businesses effectively and accurately leverage their multifaceted data. With the promise of delivering a data-driven innovation and intelligence, it unifies enterprise AI and intelligent information management.

Let us have a look at the various capabalities SAP Data Intelligence has to offer -

Works with any type of data source
No matter whether your data source is structured, unstructured or streaming; with the help of SAP Data Intelligence, you can work on it to extract relevant business insights and maximize data value. The data can reside anywhere including hybrid SAP and non-SAP applications, and even data from devices that operate on Internet of Things.  

Automated machine learning capabilities
Equipped with intuitive tools, SAP Data Intelligence makes it easy to automate the process of creating complex machine learning pipelines. In fact, from data preparation and model selection to its deployment, the information management solution enables seamless automation across your machine learning workflows.Moreover, preconfigured functionality allows even those who inexperienced in specialist data science to easily deploy the machine learning technology.

Centralized management of distributed data
With the help of centralized management features, you can gain unified visibility into all the data sources and pipelines across your entire landscape.

Efficient metadata management and governance
SAP Data Intelligence allows you to make sure that your data is as per your expectations, before you perform any machine learning or transformation operations on it. Metadata crawlers enable efficient data cataloging as you can explore, classifyand label your data assests. The platform allows you to review history and metadata to understand the cause, location and time of data alteration, if any.Additionally, SAP Data Intelligence offers you the flexibility of employing open source technologies such as Python, R, and TensorFlow. You can even deploy your own models and re-use them in new ones, and manage data flow between them. Data scientists can use their preferred tools to design and deploy AI models.

The latest SAP Data Intelligence 3.0 release, includes SAP Data Hub, and offers its users their own choice of deployment model – on premise, on cloud, or a combination of both.

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