SAP Analytics Cloud
… Help You Control Employee Attrition with Machine Learning

HR processes might seem simple on the surface, but they are a tangled mesh of complex activities including coming up with effective employee compensation programs and maintaining a healthy work environment.

Of these, increasing employee engagement and retention is becoming a major concern for HR officials. Compared to the last one or two decades, employees are quicker to take a decision on leaving an organization due to unsatisfactory work conditions. This has led to an increase in the rate of employee attrition. It goes without saying that this increased rate costs an organization a lot in the terms of training expenses, loss of productivity, and discontinuation of established customer relationships. Needless to say, the organization will also have to expend extra time and efforts in order to find the right replacement.

Controlling the employee attrition rate will be a lot easier if the HR management department could know beforehand which employees are more likely to leave, and what steps they can take to prevent a valuable employee from leaving. Thus, machine learning predictive models that can help you identify the signs of attrition well before time are in demand among organizations. Moreover, they can also give you useful insights that will help you increase the rate of employee engagement. 

How Can SAP Analytics Cloud Help?

With the help of centralized intelligence and machine learning technology, SAP Analytics Cloud enables businesses to make faster and more confident decisions for improved results.

It simplifies live, data-driven decision making by using analytics capabilities including data discovery, visualization and predictive analysis. 

People Analytics is made simple with in-depth assessment of employee satisfaction, salary situation and performance distribution. Thus, organizations can identify employees that are likely to leave, and take steps to remedy the cause of dissatisfaction. It also provides assessment of recruiting activities of an organization, so that only the right talent gets hired. 

Apart from Human Resource activities, SAP Analytics Cloud can also help organizations optimize their finance, operations, sales and marketing processes with intelligent business insights.

The module can be installed and integreated within two weeks and can be easily integrated with other modules/data. To know more about how you can start making AI-driven decisions for your business, contact us.